Special Token Sale


Tokin Tokens

This is a PUBLIC Sale - prior to a TGE/ICO

ANYBODY can purchase these tokens on the Stellar SDEX:

Tokin' Tokens, utilizing the Stellar blockchain, can immediately be traded by the buyer on the Stellar Distributed Exchange (SDEX) if the buyer desires to do so. When the Tokin' Token Network launches, these tokens can be used to purchase cannabis, cannabis-related, and other products from members of the Tokin’ Token Network and others who accept the Tokin’ Token.

This is NOT a Private Sale

This is NOT a “private sale” where only the rich can privately purchase new tokens at substantial discounts. Private sales exclude and do nothing at all that benefits smaller buyers of cryptocurrencies.

Proceeds from this sale will be used to launch a TGE/ICO

What is the Tokin’ Token?

Quite possibly, the Tokin' Token is the most relevant cryptocurrency for the worldwide cannabis industry. It is a “true” utility token that has a “real world” purpose and use – to be “spent” in the Tokin’ Token Network.

What is the Tokin’ Token Network?

The Tokin’ Token Network is a worldwide membership-only network of cannabis and cannabis-related businesses working together for the benefit of all – from the grower to the retail customer. Similar to agricultural, chemical, and pharmaceutical cooperatives, the network is comprised of commonsense, specialized and coordinated marketplaces where wholesale and retail businesses and their customers can buy and sell marijuana products. Network members co-exist in partnership to assist in the creation of a more cohesive, inclusive, and relevant industry. In today’s cannabis world, the Tokin’ Token Network is the only cooperative network of its kind.

For more information about the Tokin' Token, the Tokin' Token Network, and wallets read the Whitepaper:

The TGE Sale Will Launch in


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