Terms & Conditions

Tokin' Tokens can only be purchased with Stellar Lumens (XLM).

As with all cryptocurrencies, sales are final. There are no refunds and there is no recourse or mechanism for refunds. All sales proceeds in this sale, whether $1 or $100 trillion, will be applied towards the TGE/ICO.


How to buy Tokin' Tokens (TTN)

Tokin' Tokens can be purchased on the Stellar SDEX:
https://stellarport.io/    https://stellarterm.com/

A Stellar wallet is required and is available on these sites. If the buyer does not have XLM, they will have to purchase XLM with another cryptocurrency such as BTC or ETH on an exchange (Binance).

The buyer will then have to transfer these XLM to their Stellar wallet. They can now purchase TTN tokens on the SDEX.


For more information, READ THE WHITEPAPER